How to make my advertising more effective?

47% of advertising effectiveness relies on creativity. This is great, if you have a creative agency working with your business but what if you’re an SME advertiser and you are the creative agency. Buymedia has discovered that up to 80% of a marketing manager’s time is spent on non-creative tasks – planning, booking, managing, scheduling, monitoring advertising campaigns. 

So how, as a Marketing manager or business owner do you realign your time to make your advertising more efficient. The simple answer is to spend more time on creative and try to reduce the time spent on the logistics. I know that sounds easy to say when I have multiple campaigns to plan and acquisition across multiple media and I’ve deadlines to meet. Also there is no way I can reduce the time unless there was a platform to help.

That’s where buymedia can help. Our platform automates your planning, purchasing, managing and monitoring of all your media campaigns across all media channels – traditional and digital. The platform frees up on average 800 hours per annum on advertising logistics with the added benefit of advertising cost savings and insights.

So if you feel your advertising isn’t as effective as it could be, maybe it’s time to refocus your time on creative and let buymedia do all the advertising donkey work.

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