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Who are you?

Frustrated Advertiser I’m managing my businesses advertising budget and I feel we can get a better return
Ambitious Media Company Director I’m responsible for finding new sales channels to help my media business grow
Interested Partner I know advertisers that need help, I’d like to join your revolution and make some money

What we know about advertisers?

Unhappy Advertisers 76% of  SME Advertisers are unhappy with the results of their advertising campaigns
Wasted Advertising Money Low advertising returns mean that both advertising money and internal resources are wasted
Wasted Advertising Time SME Advertisers waste up to 49% of their time on manual advertising processes because they lack effective advertising tools

How we help?

Advertising Opportunities By bringing together all the best media options in one place – traditional & digital. Advertisers can now see all advertising opportunities available.
Chaos to Order Many businesses struggle to keep all advertising campaigns organised. Our product turns advertising chaos into order.
Effective Tools We provide advertisers with effective tools to plan, purchase, manage, measure and learn all your advertising in one place.

How does it work?

Case Study 1 - Pamex Ltd

The Company | The Situation

Pamex Ltd. sell over the counter pharmacy products in Ireland and the UK.

Tom Murphy, MD, had just spend heavily on advertising one of their products called BioXtra. He wasn’t convinced that the advertising had worked.

The manual processes involved in booking their campaigns also wasted a lot of  internal resources.

Buymedia software now helps Tom’s marketing manager, Laura to plan product campaigns by entering advertising personas and budgets for their products.


The Solution

Our software’s algorithm selected the best advertising options across all media – print, radio and digital. With a relevancy percentage score giving Laura confidence that she was making the right advertising decision.

The Solution

All media campaigns were added to the buymedia campaign builder and purchased conveniently online, unlike her previous manual procurement process.

The Solution

The buymedia management dashboard monitors advertising deadlines, with built in notifications and communication tools keeping Pamex advertising campaigns organised, on schedule and on target.

The Results

Tracking the performance of her campaign by measuring product sales against advertising spend Laura can see a measurable return on her advertising investment.

Targeting a 14% increase in sales, the campaign exceeded targets by achieving a 27% increase.

The Results

Crucially, our software learns what mix of advertising is working, recommending actions and future campaigns that Laura can take to get a higher return on her future advertising.

Case Study 2 - Ashford Castle

The Company | The Situation

Our client of 3 years, Ashford Castle, had a manual advertising process per campaign across multiple media of 3 weeks.

Wasting the time of their Sales & Marketing department.

The Solution | The Results

The buymedia media planning & purchasing platform streamlined the procurement process for both the advertiser and media companies.

Reducing the planning and purchasing time to 3 minutes.

Saving over 25% of their time spent on advertising campaigns, increasing advertising ROI by 30%.

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