Our Mission

Strong Communities | Strong Businesses | Strong Media

At Buymedia we believe that strong local communities are a function of robust businesses and media at a local, national and international level.

When all 3 sectors of society are functioning well then we get a WIN | WIN | WIN scenario.

However, we have to fashion an ecosystem which allows all 3 sectors to work with each other for the good of each other. If we can do this then we have a society where the constituent parts of strong community, business and media are in balance and as each sector grows the combined strength of each part leads to a stronger society.

The question is how do we create this ecosystem where the positive actions of each section of our society are feeding into each other for the good of all.

Strong Businesses | Strong Media

If our society has good balanced relationships between businesses and media but no way of this feeding into the community then we will get some benefits.

Businesses can advertise in Media to generate revenue for media companies. This will allow both the businesses to grow but also provide revenue for the media companies to invest in quality journalism.

This mix will give transparency, a strong, well supported media, strong businesses and competition both in media and in businesses.

However, the community itself does not get a huge amount of direct benefit in this scenario.

Strong Community | Strong Media

If our society has good balanced relationships between communities and media but no way of this feeding into businesses then we will get other benefits.

Community organisations and charities benefit from publicity in Media to help generate revenue for community projects.

Media companies have valuable content from the community which their audience values.

Trust between community and media is strong leading to transparency and strong democratic voices.

Strong Community | Strong Business

If our society has good balanced relationships between communities and businesses but no media then we will get benefits but our society will be lacking.

Community organisations and charities benefit from business patronage but there is no sense of community communication which comes with a strong media voice.

It can create a vibrant commercial community, with good employment and sponsorship from the business community and a strong pipeline of talent from the community.

However, the lack of shared community voice through media means a lack of transparency.

Strong Community | Strong Business | Strong Media

Our aim is to create an ecosystem where the commercial benefits of media and business interactions can also benefit the community organisations and charities that operate in these communities.

Creating a balance between Community, Businesses and Media which have a positive impact on society as a whole.

The intersection of all 3 is advertising. Advertising is currently a means by which a business delivers a message, through media to the community.

While the business and media benefit through increased revenue that advertising brings there has been no means of distribution of that transaction directly to the communities for the benefit of local organisations or charities.

By creating our platform – Buymedia – and our movement “Advertise for Good” we now have a way to distribute a percentage of the €600 Billion advertising spend directly to community projects.

By purchasing discounted advertising through Buymedia your business can not only help your business grow but also support local community organisations and charities.