4 Key Pillars to Advertising Success for SMEs

We’ve worked with thousands of SMEs over the past 25 years.

We’ve learned that by focusing on 4 key pillars when advertising it has a massive outcome on the results that SMEs get when advertising.

By making marginal improvements to how your business plans, purchases, manages and learns from your advertising we can have a huge impact on the success of your advertising.

Step 1 - Plan


The first step in our process involves properly planning your advertising campaign.

Ask yourself – do I know who my ideal customers are? If you do then Buymedia creates a media map of your ideal customers using the most up to date insights from the leading consumer and media research companies.

By generating media effectiveness scores we can guide you to the best media channels (Print, Radio, TV, Social, Digital, OOH) for your audience.

Then using our algorithms we can sort and rank these media channels by individual media titles. Before you spend a cent on advertising you have a map to guide you and advise on how to allocate your advertising budget to get the best return.

We can also find your competitors – show you where they are advertising and how much they are spending.

Step 2 - Purchase


Once we have your customers personas, your media map and your competitive analysis we combine this with your advertising budget.

This generates a media shopping list, the ingredients for your ideal advertising campaign.

The advertising search results present the best advertising campaigns across all media (Print, Radio, TV, OOH, Social, Digital). Matched to your ideal customers and budget.

What could to take weeks of research and analysis is done in a few clicks.

Step 3 - Manage


Build your ideal advertising campaign on the Buymedia platform.

Reserve the recommended campaigns or adjust the campaign to suit your requirements. No more manual phone calls, meetings, emails, negotiations – digitally transform your advertising process with Buymedia.

Once reserved, your advertising schedule is added to your dashboard for approval.

Ad copy is uploaded to the platform and distributed to each of the media companies.

All orders are audited, dated, stored and searchable through the platform. Each order has any communication, ad copy or schedule associated with it to make it easy to organise and manage all your advertising in one place.

Step 4 - Learn


It’s vital that your business learns from your advertising and that you have an overview and reporting on all campaigns in one place.

Using our AI algorithms our software monitors and measures the return on each advertising campaign mix based on your own KPIs.

Over time as your platform builds a more in depth picture of your advertising behaviour and results. You will receive recommendations for future advertising based on previous data and insights.

Helping you make better data driven advertising decisions in the future.

Outcome for your Business

The result for your business is advertising options that are curated and relevant for your business only – no more wasted time looking at irrelevant advertising options.

Competitive advertising pricing; because we pool the resources of all our advertisers you get better value advertising for your business.

The once complex, time consuming advertising process has become streamlined – making your internal processes more efficient and effective.

Our goal and our success is in saving our advertisers time and money. Our ultimate goal and where we have been most successful is in growing businesses through more effective advertising.