Build a brand or short term sales – what’s the answer for SME Advertisers? advertisers have been brainwashed to believe that they should pump money into short term promotions which have an immediate impact on sales. These include digital advertising for sales activation. promotions, discounts etc. Many businesses believe that if they sell online or are technology companies they need to invest in these short term advertising channels to continue to grow. However, when Binet & Field investigated the data they discovered that the combination of brand building (brand advertising) combined with sales activation (promotional advertising) with a budget bias towards brand building  is the most effective use of your advertising budget.Buymedia's advertising platform uses this research and data to help SME advertisers to better plan, purchase,…

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How to make my advertising more effective? of advertising effectiveness relies on creativity. This is great, if you have a creative agency working with your business but what if you're an SME advertiser and you are the creative agency. Buymedia has discovered that up to 80% of a marketing manager's time is spent on non-creative tasks - planning, booking, managing, scheduling, monitoring advertising campaigns. So how, as a Marketing manager or business owner do you realign your time to make your advertising more efficient. The simple answer is to spend more time on creative and try to reduce the time spent on the logistics. I know that sounds easy to say when I have multiple campaigns to plan and acquisition across…

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Short but vital message for all Advertisers

The Long and Short of it by Les Binet & Peter Field is one of the most important pieces of advertising insight published in the recent years. Here's a quick 3 minute video with an overview of one of their key messages. This industry research along with other respected papers and surveys form the foundations of the industry intelligence which is one of the engines that power Buymedia. Enjoy!

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Diary of an Intern – Ben Rowland (Part 1)

  My name is Ben Rowland, and I’m an American University student. This past summer, I’ve had the privilege of working with the Buymedia team in Dublin. Back home, I attend Arizona State University. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Communication (B.S.) and a minor in journalism/media analysis. I came to Dublin through a program called Sage Corps. Sage Corps is a global entrepreneurship program that sends top college students and post-grads to study abroad and work with tech startups. They offer programs in Dublin, Amsterdam, Australia, Berlin, Singapore, and even Bangkok. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to Ireland or Australia. However, after doing some research, I quickly realised…

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Diary of a Buymedia Intern – Isabella Roll (Part 1)

I signed up for Sage Corps on a whim during spring break. I got accepted into the Dublin program, was given an interview with Fergal O'Connor, CEO of Buymedia, and was extended a spot as a Marketing and Sales intern for Buymedia. When we arrived, we had 3 days of orientation before starting work. During those days, Sage Corps organised presentations about safety in the city, a trip to the Guinness Factory, and cohort meals at different restaurants in Dublin. We all became very close in a very short amount of time. On Wednesday, we started at our different companies, and I found out that I would be working with someone from my cohort…

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Quality students from GMIT, Castlebar

Intern: Patrick Calvey Course: Bachelor of Business Work Experience Coordinator: Celene Dunphy Patrick Calvey, is a second year student studying for a Bachelor of Business (Hons) at GMIT. He is currently interning with Buymedia as a system administrator tasked with researching publication data and data entry into the Buymedia platform. According to Patrick; “During my work experience I have learned what it is really like to work in a marketing start-up, which presents interesting challenges on a daily basis. I find working with Fergal and Norah Ellen fun and beneficial because they make me feel like one of the team and value my input. I have been able to see how the theory in…

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Buymedia selected as Retail Excellence Strategic Partner

Buymedia are delighted to be selected as a strategic partner of Retail Excellence Ireland for 2018/19. The accreditation means that all 1,800 of the top retailers in Ireland can avail of cutting edge technology when it comes to their media planning, procuring, managing and monitoring. Buymedia was founded in 2015 by Fergal O'Connor who has over 25 years of experience in the media business. Commenting on the partnership Mr. O'Connor said, 'It is great to work with such a professional organisation as Retail Excellence. We're really looking forward to forging strong relationships with their members. We hope that the benefits of buymedia's advertising technology can help Irish retailers compete on a global scale and grow…

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The Innovation Show with Fergal O’Connor, CEO Buymedia (Podcast)

CEO and founder of Buymedia Fergal O’Connor takes us through his journey through industries as he went from Radio to Press to TV to Digital and now enters the world of Innovation and startups with buymedia.  

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Buymedia has been officially announced as Mayo’s finalist at the National Enterprise Awards in 2018.

This is fantastic news, a huge honour and showcases all our hard work to date. Since its creation in September 2015, our aim has been for Buymedia to bridge that gap from advertiser to media provider. Making the process easier and more efficient for all, with this concept in mind Buymedia was born. Buymedia enables advertisers to purchase their advertising online managing and supervising all the company’s advertising efforts in the one place. Buymedia’s CEO Fergal O’Connor, joined John Magee for a chat with the Local Enterprise Office to discuss the award and its value to the company. "It is a huge honour to be selected from all the great businesses in Mayo to…

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GMIT & iHub Digital West Event (Video)

Fergal O'Connor, CEO & Founder at Buymedia talks at Digital West Event about Marketing and Advertising for business. Buymedia is a technology company developing an innovative advertising planning, procurement, measuring and monitoring software for SMEs – – that will save time and money for businesses. Buymedia is an advertising platform that utilises 50 years of advertising buying & selling experience to connect print, radio, ohh and digital advertising with small, medium & large businesses & advertisers.

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