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Fergal O’Connor, CEO Buymedia announces partnership with Irish media to help SMEs trade online by doubling their trading online voucher to €5,000

Our CEO, Fergal O’Connor has helped thousands of SMEs over the last 25 years make minor improvements to their advertising that had a huge impact on their business.

Having worked in magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, social and digital media companies O’Connor saw that most businesses were suffering from the same challenges when it came to advertising.

There was a lack of proper planning and targeting because the data and insights that are available to bigger brands were not readily available to most small and medium businesses.

Data is expensive and the bigger brands want to keep it to themselves. So most businesses are forced to shoot in the dark when it comes to advertising.

So the first step was to democratise this data and make it available to all businesses in an attempt to level the playing field and give these businesses a fighting chance.

Buymedia SME Superhero has an unfair disadvantage when Advertising

Internal challenges for SMEs when advertising include smaller budgets than their big brand competitors, so you have to fight clever.

Many SMEs lack marketing resources, no competitive analysis, little or no software or technology to streamline your advertising process and limited time.

Arm your business with the best insight and experience available. What your business may lack in spending power you have to make up for in intelligence and agility.

Often and because of the lack of data business owners and marketing managers have to rely on gut instinct or personal experience when advertising. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t always trust your gut, particularly when advertising. Read our blog to find out why.

At Buymedia even though we have collectively over 100 years of advertising, media and marketing experience we force ourselves to mistrust our instinct every day. Only by practicing evidence based advertising can we help businesses build sustainable growth over time.

Using our gut will get us sporadic success but we want to help you repeat success year after year – learning all the time as we go.

The advertising market in which SMEs are forced to operate is hugely inefficient or broken. All media options operate in silos - print, radio, digital, TV, social, out of home. This makes it almost impossible for an SME to plan and purchase integrated advertising campaigns across multiple media effectively. The advertising process is a manual, time consuming, pain in the ass process for SMEs.

The internal challenges that SMEs face when advertising are compounded by the inefficiencies in the media marketplace.

Advertising for SMEs is a manual, time consuming and costly, pain in the ass process.

There are hundreds of potential advertising options across a variety of media channels. Each media channel operates in a silo and within the each silo are a maze of media titles to navigate.

Print, radio, digital, TV, social and out of home advertising all operate independently. So while research shows that integrated advertising campaigns using exactly the same budget give a 35% better return for SMEs when advertising, only 8% of SMEs can do this because lack of time, resources and a broken marketplace make it impossible. There is no one stop shop for SME advertisers, no Amazon for advertising.

Many SMEs look at Advertising as a necessary evil, a cost to their business rather than an investment. They pay a premium for their advertising because they are buying with smaller budgets than their bigger brand competitors.

Many SMEs that we talk with see advertising as a necessary evil, a cost to their business in terms of both time and money.

When used effectively advertising can be a key driver of growth and revenue in a business.

One of the challenges for SMEs when purchasing advertising is that they are paying a premium because they don’t have the buying power of larger, big brand advertisers.

We can always get a better price and value for our advertisers because we pool all the advertising budgets of our SME advertisers giving us greater purchasing power. The smallest advertisers benefit from the power of the group.

Having over 100 years of collective media experience we know how to get value and return from your advertising. All your advertising options on our marketplace are pre-negotiated to get our advertisers the best rate but more importantly the best value and return.

Marketing teams are always under time pressure, chasing deadlines and never have enough time to think creatively and strategically.

Marketing managers and business owners are constantly under time pressure. Apart from advertising there are 101 other things that they need to be doing.

So many marketing managers and business owners feel trapped in a deadline loop. Chasing one deadline after the next, day after day.

Rarely enough time to take a step back to look objectively at the creative, which is responsible for over 55% of the success of your advertising, or the advertising strategy itself.

We give time back to business owners and marketing managers by taking the heavy lifting and logistics (planning, purchasing, managing) of an advertising campaign off their table.

There is no other software that helps SMEs to streamline their advertising process across multiple media

The fact that media is siloed makes it difficult to manage.

The process by it’s nature is rarely streamlined. Business owners and marketing managers are struggling with multiple spreadsheets and reports. They have no software to help them manage and streamline what is a complex process, particularly when integrating campaigns across multiple media titles and types.

Our platform brings all your campaigns together on one dashboard so you have full control and visibility from planning, purchasing, managing and monitoring.

All your advertising campaigns in one place. Making a complex advertising process really easy and intuitive.

Buymedia can help you get a better return on your advertising

With all the challenges that your business face, both internally and externally, it is not surprising that we can have an immediate positive impact on your advertising return on investment.

It only takes small tweaks, minor improvements to your advertising process to have a massive impact on the results of your advertising and your future business growth.

We focus on 4 key pillars of successful advertising. Buymedia helps your business make adjustments to how your business plans, purchases, manages and learns from your advertising.

Our immediate objective is to save you and your team time and money but our ultimate goal is to help you grow sustainable revenue and profit through more effective and efficient advertising.

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