4 Things That Drive Us Crazy When Planning Our Advertising Campaigns And How To Rectify Them

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Time Wasting
According to research, SME Advertisers waste up to 49% of their time on manual advertising processes because they lack effective advertising tools. We spend our time making hundreds of calls, sending hundreds of emails and making hundreds of decisions.

 Lack of Measurement
Another issue we tend to encounter is a total lack of measurement on our return on investment in advertising – are these ad’s on these channels on this day at this time actually working?

Lack of Organisation
Because we are dealing with so many different intermediaries, channels and people, we find ourselves in a world of pain with absolutely no structure or format to what we are doing.

 Missed Opportunities
Are we even aware of a quarter of the advertising options out there? Are we sticking to the same channels because they work or because its easier to stick to what we know?quarter of the advertising options out

Imagine having 49% of your time back to do as you please? You could glide out of work and FINALLY get home and cook that dish you’ve been dying to cook for 4 months, actually make it on time for your gym class and be stress free!

Imagine having a way of measuring your advertising effectiveness? You could finally see how effective your advertising actually is.

Imagine having the ability to find all of your advertising campaigns, both traditional and digital in one place? The days of unorganisation and lack of structure, finally over.

Imagine having the best advertising campaigns, tailored to your target audience, at your fingertips?

Buymedia’s cloud platform offers all of the above, acting as a one-stop shop for SMEs to plan, manage and analyse all of their advertising activity in one place. If you would like to learn more about our platform, simply click here.

Isabel Lane / @isabellane
Marketing Executive, Buymedia

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