7 Christmas Adverts We Are Loving

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and with Kantar recently announcing ALDI’s Christmas Ad, featuring lovely Kevin the Carrot and arch nemesis Russell Sprout, as this years ‘Most Effective Christmas Marketing Campaign’ we’ve decided to kick the Christmas season off with 7 of our very favourite 2019 Christmas Ads.

The key ‘ingredients’ Kantar asked TV viewers to rate were as follows:

  • Is the ad enjoyable?
  • How emotional does it make people?
  • Does it grab people’s attention?
  • Will people remember the brand?
  • Will it be immediately motivating in the short-term?
  • Will it create branded memories?
  • Does it create warmth and love for the brand?
  • Does it make the brand feel different to alternatives?
  • Does it celebrate the joy of Christmas?

These are then compared to Kantar’s ad database to come up with a number between zero and 100. Zero being the lowest score and 100 being the highest.

So, without further a-do, here’s our list!

The Action Packed One

IKEA’s Silence the Critics

IKEA’s first ever Christmas advert is also going down a treat, with talking ornaments encouraging viewers to make small little changes to their surroundings in order to avoid ‘home shame’ when family and friends visit at Christmas – it works! Watch it above.

The Relatable One


If you have ever found yourself struggling to decide on what to buy your nearest and dearest (which we’re sure you have), this is the ad for you. #GiftLikeYouGetThem

The Show Stopper

ALDI’s Dancing Carrots

It comes as no surprise this advertising gem is on the list. We are in total agreement with Kantar’s summation of this ad, ‘ticking all the boxes’.

The Mysterious One

Brown Thomas

On a dark Christmas Eve, Brown Thomas takes viewers on a luxurious train journey through the country-side where a lonely detective searches for the stolen treasure, his family. Awww.

The Throwback


Nostalgia is available in bucket loads in Argos’ Christmas campaign as the retailer reintroduces its beloved catalogue into its 2019 advert. Everyone remembers flicking through this iconic book as a child which they have appropriately renamed ‘the Book of Dreams’. Interestingly, the Argos catalogue has been absent from Argos’s TV adverts for the past decade.

The Heartwarmer

Tipperary Crystal

Another heart-warmer is from one of Buymedia’s very own clients, Tipperary Crystal, with their ‘Gifts from the Heart’ campaign which see’s a man longing to get home to his family. Very cute.

A Blast From the Past

Penneys / Primark

Celebrating 50 years in business, Penneys are harking it back to the early 90’s with their Christmas ad this year, “Penneys, Get a Whole Lot of Things for Christmas”.

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Isabel Lane
Marketing Executive, Buymedia

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4 Things That Drive Us Crazy When Planning Our Advertising Campaigns And How To Rectify Them

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 Lack of Measurement
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Lack of Organisation
Because we are dealing with so many different intermediaries, channels and people, we find ourselves in a world of pain with absolutely no structure or format to what we are doing.

 Missed Opportunities
Are we even aware of a quarter of the advertising options out there? Are we sticking to the same channels because they work or because its easier to stick to what we know?quarter of the advertising options out

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Isabel Lane / @isabellane
Marketing Executive, Buymedia

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