Buymedia selected as Retail Excellence Strategic Partner

Buymedia are delighted to be selected as a strategic partner of Retail Excellence Ireland for 2018/19. The accreditation means that all 1,800 of the top retailers in Ireland can avail of cutting edge technology when it comes to their media planning, procuring, managing and monitoring. Buymedia was founded in 2015 by Fergal O'Connor who has over 25 years of experience in the media business. Commenting on the partnership Mr. O'Connor said, 'It is great to work with such a professional organisation as Retail Excellence. We're really looking forward to forging strong relationships with their members. We hope that the benefits of buymedia's advertising technology can help Irish retailers compete on a global scale and grow…

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The Innovation Show with Fergal O’Connor, CEO Buymedia (Podcast)

CEO and founder of Buymedia Fergal O’Connor takes us through his journey through industries as he went from Radio to Press to TV to Digital and now enters the world of Innovation and startups with buymedia.  

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Buymedia has been officially announced as Mayo’s finalist at the National Enterprise Awards in 2018.

This is fantastic news, a huge honour and showcases all our hard work to date. Since its creation in September 2015, our aim has been for Buymedia to bridge that gap from advertiser to media provider. Making the process easier and more efficient for all, with this concept in mind Buymedia was born. Buymedia enables advertisers to purchase their advertising online managing and supervising all the company’s advertising efforts in the one place. Buymedia’s CEO Fergal O’Connor, joined John Magee for a chat with the Local Enterprise Office to discuss the award and its value to the company. "It is a huge honour to be selected from all the great businesses in Mayo to…

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GMIT & iHub Digital West Event (Video)

Fergal O'Connor, CEO & Founder at Buymedia talks at Digital West Event about Marketing and Advertising for business. Buymedia is a technology company developing an innovative advertising planning, procurement, measuring and monitoring software for SMEs – – that will save time and money for businesses. Buymedia is an advertising platform that utilises 50 years of advertising buying & selling experience to connect print, radio, ohh and digital advertising with small, medium & large businesses & advertisers.

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Getting Value from your Advertising Spend (Podcast)

 Sometimes the biggest difficulty is where to start, you have a product or service you want to sell, you know you have to do some advertising but you’re not sure where to start. Above all, you know you want to get value for your advertising spend. In this business podcast, we ask Fergal O’Connor The CEO and founder of BuyMedia to walk us through the steps a business should consider taking when spending money on advertising. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – Albert Einstein Some others questions we asked: How do I know what the best advertising channel for my business? How much…

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An Innovation Journey

Madness or Human – Doing the same thing over & over, expecting different results. I love gadgets and innovation. From ZX Spectrum, Atari, Nintendo, Nokia, Creative Nomad Jukebox, Sony Clié, Dell, Grunge, iPhone, Apple Mac, Bluetooth, Apps, Wifi, One Plus, Indie, Canon, Motorola 360, Fitbit, AI, Data analytics. Chatbots, AR, VR and much more. I’ve been lucky to embrace an amazing array of gadgets and live through the fast paced world of cool innovation over the last 40 plus years. I never grow tired of the latest new thing and embrace it with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning. I remember when apps became a thing and the 400 plus apps I…

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Creative Armageddon – the Race to be Average.

I’ve worked in media and marketing for over 25 years. In that time I’ve seen the creative process move from paper, pritt-stick, tipp-ex and fax to 200 data points tracking users online behaviour to predict what they will want to buy before they even know about it themselves. The fact that we have moved to referencing people as users says a lot about how creativity in marketing has moved from a people centric, emotional, heart wrenching activity to a data based scientific algorithm. People have become data points. Is the inevitable road of creativity in marketing the race to please the mean? Are we doomed to a wonder-less world? Were is the wow and…

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